Local Government Pension Scheme: opportunities for collaboration, cost savings and efficiencies

This consultation represents the next step in reform of the Local Government Pension Scheme, building on the responses to the call for evidence, the analysis of the Shadow Scheme Advisory Board and further cost benefit analysis of potential options for reform commissioned from Hymans Robertson using the Contestable Policy Fund.

It sets out the government’s preferred approach to reform, seeks views on the proposals and asks respondents to consider how if adopted, these reforms might be implemented most effectively.

To support the development of proposals for reform, the Minister for Local Government and the Minister for the Cabinet Office also commissioned advice from external experts using the Contestable Policy Fund. The Contestable Policy Fund forms part of the government’s drive for more open policy making and gives ministers direct access to external policy advice through a centrally managed match fund. Following an open tender process, Hymans Robertson were appointed to provide specific advice on the potential for new savings and greater public accountability through increased pension fund collaboration.



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11 July 2014 SSAB response (PDF, 43 pages, 892kb) Shadow Advisory Board responds to LGPS cost saving consultation
2 May 2014 Press release (PDF, 2 pages, 187kb) Shadow Advisory Board comments on LGPS cost saving consultation
1 May 2014 Ministerial Statement, (PDF, 2 pages, 79kb) Written Ministerial Statement, Local Government Pension Scheme
1 May 2014 Open Consultation, (PDF, 25 pages, 463kb) DCLG opens 'LGPS: opportunities for collaboration, cost savings and efficiencies' consultation. This consultation builds on the call for evidence on the future structure of the LGPS and sets out proposals to deliver savings
1 May 2014 Board analysis page DCLG provides the government’s response to the call for evidence into structural reform of the LGPS, May 2014
1 May 2014 Report, (PDF, 106 pages, 1.37MB) Hymans Robertson LGPS structure analysis