On the 21st June 2013 DCLG published a call for evidence on the future structure of the LGPS.. The Board provided an analysis of the responses as shown below.


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May 2014

Letter (PDF, 2 pages, 102kb)

Letter to Board on LGPS 1 May 2014

May 2014

Response (PDF, 3 pages, 71kb)

Response to Board's recommendations Annex

January 2014

Final Report (PDF, 26 pages, 548kb)

Final Report - Final report on the response to the call for evidence on structural reform of the LGPS

January 2014

Annex 1

Link to full list of responses

January 2014

Annex 2

Most popular views expressed on which reforms would best meet the objectives and issues for implementation and transition

January 2014

Annex 3

Supporting evidence submitted; list of externally referenced papers and count of respondents’ own supporting analysis, statistics and/or case studies (not-exhaustive)