February 2021 - The Board considered the final Phase III report from Hymans Robertson and agreed that it should be published and sent to MHCLG Ministers together with the agreed action plan. Copies of the final report and action plan can be downloaded below:

Final Report PDF

Action plan PDF

November 2020 -  The Board considered a work-in-progress version of the Phase III Implementation report and agreed that Hymans Robertson should continue to finalise the report for consideration when the Board next meets in February 2021.

August 2020 –  Hymans Robertson advised the Board that progress since it last met in April continued to be slower than expected because of the covid-19 emergency but that discussions with individual officers had been productive. The Board agreed that Hymans Robertson must continue their work on finalising the Phase III report.

April 2020 – In view of the restrictions imposed during the covid-19 emergency the Board agreed to stand down the work of the Phase III implementation working group but asked Hymans Robertson to continue work on finalising their Phase III report.

November 2019 - The Board considered and agreed the Phase II report from Hymans Robertson based on the findings of the two working groups and agreed that the two working groups should be re-established as a single group to take forward Phase III implementation stage of the project. A copy of the report can be downloaded below:

Phase II Report PDF

October 2019 - The Investment, Governance and Engagement Committee met on 19 October to consider the initial findings of the working groups summarized below :-

  • Publication of a new Governance Compliance statement to include LGPS responsible person, resources allocated to function, scheme of delegations for LGPS decisions, LGPS budget process and outcome measures;
  • Outcome measures should use existing indicators where possible;
  • Updated guidance should be published or signposted/approved by MHCLG;
  • Guidance should set out minimum requirements of knowledge and understanding for responsible person and decision makers;
  • Governance review should be biennial and must be on a consistent basis but may use external or internal resource, and
  • Introduction of an LGPS ‘Peer Challenge’ process


September/October 2019 - Both working groups met twice in September and October 2019.

July 2019  - The Board considered and agreed the final report from Hymans Robertson A copy of the final draft report, including the executive summary, can be downloaded below:

Draft Report PDF.

The Board also agreed that two working groups should be established to take forward Phase II of the project, one exploring the ways in which the improvements in the standard of governance and administration outlined in the Hymans Robertson report can be achieved and the other to examine how these improved standards can be independently monitored and measured.

April 2019 – Following a survey of administering authorities and key scheme stakeholders a draft paper summarising the work undertaken by Hymans Robertson and their findings was considered by the Board when it met on 8 April 2019. The Board approved the work undertaken to that date and agreed that Hymans Robertson should proceed to finalise the draft report by the date of the next Board meeting on 8 July 2019.