15th November 2017 DCLG issued Template documents (under the sub-heading Other Documents) for scheme employers looking to substitute administering authorities under Part 2 of Schedule 3 of the LGPS Regulations 2013. The Direction template is for use for College mergers only and should be completed by the legal representative of the applicant(s).
11th September 2017 MiFIDII opt up documents updated to include covering letter for opting up with advisors.
5th September 2017 Tier 3 Employers - A panel comprising the Chair and Vice-Chair of the SAB met on 17th August to consider four bids. After careful consideration, the bid panel, with the approval of scheme advisory board members, decided to award the commission to Aon Hewitt.
31st August 2017 MiFIDII opt up documents updated to reference LGPS Scotland regulations, where applicable
10th August 2017 Publication of MiFIDII opt up documents
  Presentation slides from MiFIDII/Transparency event 
18th July 2017 SAB Update of June meeting published.
17th July 2017 SAB Consultation on Academies objectives opened.
17th July 2017 SAB Consultation on Cross Pool Information Forum opened.
6th July 2017 New documents added to the MiFID II page including Chapter 24 of the FCA statement which covers early opt up and a document summarising the protections which would be forgone by authorities when opting up.
3rd July 2017 The FCA publishes its final policy statement and handbook revisions with regard to MiFID II. There are significant changes which should enable LGPS funds to opt up to professional status in a more straightforward way. See our new MiFID II page for details.
28th June 2017 The FCA Market Study Report welcomes the use of templates such as those that developed for the LGPS and IA transparency codes and seeks to encourage further development – see the Code of Transparency page
31st May 2017 The PwC report “Options for Academies in the LGPS” commissioned by the Board is published today.
24th May 2017 The Advisory Board has issued a Press Release following the response to the launch of its Code of Transparency.
18th May 2017 Following its announcement at the PLSA's Local Authority conference, the Board has launched its Code of Transparency. Details are available here
18th May 2017 A copy of Cllr Phillips' presentation slides from the PLSA's Local Authority conference, is available for download here
16th May 2017 Councillor Roger Phillips, Chair of the Scheme Advisory Board, launched the LGPS Annual Report 2016 at the PLSA's Local Authority conference.
4th April 2017

"In conjunction with the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Department for Education, the Local Government Association has today published “Local Government Pension Scheme – arrangements for academies”"


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