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25th July 2016 Sub Committee update - Update on sub-committees and list of representatives
17th June 2016 Invitation to Bid - Implications of and options for the LGPS on further academisation
17 May 2016 Scheme Annual Report 2015 published
8th April 2016 Message from Cllr Roger Phillips, Chairman of LGPS Advisory Board, for Chairs of Pension Committees
19 February 2016 Local pension boards - Counsel's opinion on legal status of pension boards
18 February 2016 The Board has been notified that the Secretary of State has appointed Cllr Roger Phillips to the position of Chair. In making this announcement the Board would like to extend their sincere thanks to Joanne Segars for her hard work and dedication in the role of Chair of the Board in both its shadow and interim forms. Joanne's experience and knowledge of both the LGPS and the wider pensions industry coupled with the effective stakeholder engagement she brought to the role have been pivotal in ensuring the successful development of the Board.
  Cllr Phillips said he was “ delighted and honoured to be appointed however I am very aware of the many and varied challenges faced by the scheme and under no illusions about the hard work and tough decisions necessary to ensure its continued sustainability ”
26 January 2016 Project POOL publishes SUMMARY and FULL REPORT


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